Purikura is the shortened form of "Print Club" translated into Japanese.  Japanese has many less sounds than English so for example the only way to say "Print Club" in Japanese is "Purinto Kurabu".  The Japanese like to shorten words and so it's been shortened to "Purikura"

Purikura are machines you usually find in an arcade or game center that take your picture and then composite it in a graphic frame and print out a set of 16 to 20 of them as stickers about 1 inch by 1/2 inch big.

There are hundreds of different kinds.  Some are themed.  Some use licensed characters like Mickey Mouse or Star Wars.  They became a HUGE hit in Japan especially with girls.  Many girls carry a Purikura photo album with them and any time they are out they make new Purikura with their friends.  The often have hundreds of photos in their albums.  Purikura (a set of 16) usually cost about $3

Here is my album


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