Pioneer TF-LS70S


In a land of gadgets even the normal phone has to be full of features. You'd probably be surprised at the number and types of phones in Japan. In America it seems like the majority of our phones are basic. They call. They might store a few numbers. Otherwise we go for style like the Mickey Phone or the Swatch Phone etc. Here though it's gadgets, the latest being the Pioneer TF-LS70S It's got a color LCD display and supports "L−MODE".

L−MODE appears to be a take on i−Mode from Docomo's Cell Phones. It's a paired down HTML standard with a few extra features specific to small displays. I don't quite get the point of L−MODE. I guess it's for those people that don't have a computer or a cell phone, they can use this to access a little bit of info like the weather, movie times and e−mail.

Another crazy thing, it can handle up to 4 cordless handsets! Lots of times they sell them in a set. Take it home, set the main unit in your kitchen and 4 other handsets around the house. Of course since the house is so small what's the point 😛 Even the handsets support L−MODE although not in color. That will be in 6 months 😉

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