I'm Gregg. Some people call me Greggman. (dating info)

I make video games for a living. I've been doing it since 1982.

For fun I like to hang out with friends.

My interests are of course video games and computers but also I love movies, dinning, travel and shopping.

My most recent interest is learning Japanese. I'm not sure why I'm learning it but I just want to. It's a very cool feeling to be able to understand another language. I am fortunate enough to be able to afford a two bedroom apartment and so last Summer I got the idea that I should consider letting Japanese people use my second room in exchange for helping me practice my Japanese. I asked a few friends in Japan if they knew anybody who would want to use the room for a few weeks during a trip to the USA. They said that maybe some of their friends might like to do that but nothing ever happened.

Then, one day, our office manager saw an ad in the Pennysaver. It said something like "Japanese students will trade housework for room." We called the number and a few days later some guy called and asked about the room. I didn't need anybody to do housework so I told him the deal was he just needed to help me practice my Japanese. His name was 'Yasunori' and he stayed from September 27th 1996 to January 6th 1997.

While he was here I found out that there are quite a few schools here in So.Cal that specialize in teaching English to Japanese students. Many of the students come over and trade housework for a room while they attend the school. I met several of his school friends and after he left, two of them asked if they could share the room. They have since moved in and they say they will be here until November.

There names are Rieko Takamatsu (25) and Yukiko Ogata (22).

They get around quite a bit. The last week in March they both went to Brazil.

Look at my jetsetting roommates.

I'm jealous.

Even supposed "computer experts" are idiots
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