Ohta, Sega no bashou


Ohta is the city that SEGA is located in.  When I first went there in December of 97 the place looked kind of empty like an industrial area but things aren't always as they seem.


These pictures are standing at the corner looking at the Otori train station which is not finished (though it's functional)  Going down the street on the right is where Sega development is (toward the yellow truck).  Going down the other street, kind of behind me, is where Sega's other departments are like personal, accounting etc are.  Both of those streets are kind of large.


Between those two streets going of at an angle is this small street which is a very typical street leading off a train station.  There are all kinds of small stores.   The street ends behind Sega's development buildings.


As you can see there's all kinds of stores


You could almost do all your shopping on your way home from work here.


These streets get pretty crowded at lunch time



And here's the back of Sega's development building.  We have to enter and exit from the back because that's were the time clock is.

face13.gif (476 bytes)

On the way to work