OGO Ono-Loa Hawaii

My friend Eric told me there was a Hawaiian restaurant near his place he had walked by many times and wanted to try.  We both expected it would be the typical ""Hawaiian"" restaurant with basically some Hawaiian motif and pineapple in the dishes but it turned out it was REAL HAWAIIAN!!!!  KICK ASS!!!

Like an idiot I was so stunned I didn’t take any pictures of the food or the place.  It’s a small place and easy to miss in the densely packed area of Akasaka.  It’s pretty small with just 4 or 5 tables and it’s run by the a Hawaiian guy that moved to Tokyo from Hawaii with his Japanese wife.

I ordered their Aki Poke which was great and their Kalua Pig platter which included roast pork and lomi samlon.  We also ordered some Portuguese sausage fried rice, another Hawaiian staple.  It was all good.

Unfortunately there was no poi.  The owner said it was way too expensive to import.  Also, I was really craving a lau-lau but he said they were seasonal and that he wouldn’t have them until June or July.  I’ll definitely be going back.  I’ll try to remember to take some pictures for this page next time I go.

The closest station would be Akasaka station.  Walk down the street Tilly’s Coffee is on and toward Akasaka-Mitsuke, it’s about a block and a half down.

  • lu2

    I want to go!  The closest I’ve been to Hawaiian food sadly lately is the burger place in Yokohama you showed me last time.  There seems to be a lot of Hawaiian places around that area though.  Have you tried any others?

  • aloha


    try this site for pics of the food and other info. Ogos is the BEST and most authentic Hawaiian food you will get in Japan! Ogos No ka ‘Oi!


  • Onolicious

    Ogo’s is the best place to grab local kine grinds in Tokyo!

    The owner, Ryoji, is a guy I used to see at Honolulu International Airport every morning about ten years ago. We both used to work for Japanese travel agencies. I haven’t seen him for at least six or seven years, and ran into his restaurant about six months ago.

    It was wierd how this happened. My boss was raving about this Hawaiian joint he found, and wanted to take me there. In the back of my mind I would think, ugh another one of those Japanese-Hawaiian themed Loco Moco serving places, but gave in. As soon as we walked into Ogo, both Ryoji and I look at each other and said “What you doing here brah!?!”.

    Last thing … if you want to catch up on your U.H. football games, he has a friend who gets him the recordings. Just jump onto his daily email mailing list. Caution – receiving his daily lunch specials will make your stomach growl, and ponder … should I take the subway to grab me a Kalua Pig plate.

  • Awesome place for awesome grinds!

    I take my guests from around the world to this wonderful hideaway in Akasaka. We do serviced apartments so there are so many people here in Tokyo for the first time looking for something interesting to dine on. Being from Hawaii, I am always happy to indroduce them to this kind of amazingly onolicious food!

  • kanaks

    u know, all u guys writing on here is just posers. why u like eat hawaiian food in japan? hows da guy above…”ugh another one of those Japanese-Hawaiian themed Loco Moco serving places”. fricken haole! of course its japan! dummy! i from hawaii too but no need ack ah tough guy! its not like u eat dat kine everyday in hawaii. plate lunch wit one xlarge coke! all u guys tryin fo use pigeon words cuz u tink its cool…we dont even talk like dat fo realz unless u trying fo ack. and the japanese guy hear you and goes “uwa~ oh sugoi ne~”…comon if u local, u know how fo ack. if u really miss home, go home! like the flips in hawaii wit da flag on da mirror! ah comon! mahalos, have a nice day.


    dis 4 braddah kanaks…………….brah trust me is was dat easy 4 hele home i wouldah went sometimes get local braddah dat make da dum mistake n join da military den get stuck in anada country ahhhh…………so u no tink we goin miss da local food n small kine hahd 4 go home ahhhhh n now dey get 1 dum law no can import meat so aole on da laulau n da podahgee sausage