No can do!


Well, I tried to get talk Sega into giving me a part time job. I need more Japanese practice and my idea was that I could work with my friends (making it easy to talk) and I could go to dinner with them after work, time to talk. Money was not an issue, minimum wage would be fine since my point is to get Japanese practice. I was thinking there's got to be something I can do for them. Write some tools. Update their webpage. Make effects.

I told them money was not an issue but that I only wanted to work 12 to 16 hours a week since I need to study. And, legally I can't work more than 20 hours a week or more than 4 hours a day on a student visa. The other limit was that I wanted to only promise 3 months of work and I'd renew every 3 months (this follows my Japanese class semesters)

Well my friends were very interested and my old manager was at least somewhat interested but in the end they decided that they didn't want a somebody for only 3 months at a time. I told them I could probably do 6 months at a time luck. They'd be happy if it was full time though but if I do full time I can't study so that's out.

So, anybody know something I can do in Japan to get lots of Japanese practice. Yes I'm trying to get a girlfriend. If I could snap my fingers and make that happen I suppose the problem would be solved but until then I think I'd better keep looking for something else in the mean time.

Maybe I can work at Digital Hollywood now that I have a student visa. Up until now I've been on a tourist visa.

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