More Japanese Chips


Since the last time I wrote about Japanese chips I've tried to take pictures of some of the ones I found more interesting. It seems like every month there are new flavors. The only bad part is if you find a flavor you crave they'll be unavailable in just a few weeks. I'll miss all this variety when I go back to the states.

American Burger
Hamburger flavored potato chips. What could be more awesome than junk food inspired junk food?
Carmel Butter
Dessert potato chips. Hey, not that far from a cookie but much lighter.
Caesar Salad
It's just like the salad if it was all croutons.
Qīngiāo róusī
Calbee got into Chinese dish flavored chips for a while. I think this is green peppers, pork, and various spices.
Cheese Cake
These are like cheese puffs except cheese cake flavored. Great! The "Caramel Corn" part is a sub-brand from Tohato of puffs, all of them sweet. Think Captain Crunch.
Cheese Curry
There are generally often potatoes in Japanese curry so just make those the main part and here you are.
Corn Potage
Cream of Corn soup flavored puffs. Mmmm Mmmm Good.
Cream Croquette
Think of a cream croquette as breaded deep fried cream of something soup. Now turn it into a chip flavor.
Gara Masala
Garam masala flavored tiny fried nan chips. They're pretty spicy but in an "I can't stop eating them" kind of way
Gara Masala Curry
Same as the previous one but these are corn chips instead of tiny nans. I like the ones above better.
Don't feel like making gorgonzola macaroni? Eat this instead.K
Possam Kimchee
I like kimchee so I like these chips. Tangy and spicy.
Carbonara Tongari Corn
These are like bugles but with ham and cream sauce pasta flavored.
Louisiana Cut
What is "Louisiana Cut"? I couldn't find anything on the web and I've never heard of it. The flavor is "Fond de veau" which is apparently a French beef based brown sauce.
Mapodoufu is tofu in a spicy pork sauce. It's AWESOME and yet I've never seen it in the states. What's up with that?
Mayo Mania
These are mentaiko and mayonnaise flavored. mentaiko is a spicy fish egg so tiny it's like a spice and goes perfect with mayo. First Kitchen even features it.
Mushrooms & Bacon
With butter and garlic. How can you say no to that?
Okonomiyaki Chips
Okonomiyaki is often called Japanese Pizza. I prefer the real thing.
I wonder if the "la" is from the Chinese version of "yo!". Pizza flavored corn chips. "For people who can't get enough garlic" according to the bag.
Ebi Mayo
More Pizza-La brand corn chips be these ones are mayonnaise and shrimp flavored. Shimp and mayo on pizza? Don't knock it until you've tried it!
Gekikara Indo Curry
Super spicy Indian Curry flavored chips. I think the Gara-Masala chips above are spicier.
Tandori Chicken
I guess Indian spices are popular. I certainly gobble them up.
Deep fried battered pork plus ground sesame seed sauce. Now I'm hungry for tonkatsu.

So much temptation! The only salvation is the portions are much smaller than American portions. Thank you for small miracles.

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