Men's Public Restrooms: Why it sucks to be a guy


I don't know what it's like for women but I imagine it's not nearly as bad. For some reason, men are assholes when it comes to using a public restroom. Go into any men's public restroom and the odds that the toilet seat is covered in pee are probably greater than 50%

Of course it can be worse, people don't flush. People put in half the toilet paper roll clogging the toilet and making it impossible to flush. Some vandals even bust the seats off for fun 😞

Some percentage of this is actually complete assholes who think it's fun to mess up the toilet, pee everywhere, etc. But, a large percentage of it is pee shy guys. Pee shy means you are too embarrassed to pee in front of others so instead of using the urinal you go into a toilet stall because it's more private. But, you only have to do #1 and since you don't want to touch the seat you just pee without lifting it. I see tons of guys do this and surprisingly they don't look like meek guys. They are usually jock types but clearly they are pee shy otherwise they wouldn't be using the stalls to pee.

It only takes one asshole a day to ruin a stall. Sure they have paper covers for the seat but if the seat is wet they are hardly useful.

The problem has been around so long that within the last few years I've started seeing stalls with an extra paper dispenser and a cleaning agent dispenser. The instructions say, take a piece of this special paper, squirt some cleaning solution on it from the cleaning solution dispenser and clean the seat.

Anyway, the reason I'm posting this now is that last week I was in Malaysia where the same problem exists. I guess guys are assholes the world over. The problem appears to be so bad that this was their solution

Not only did they have the soap dispenser for cleaning they had an actual hose in each stall next to the toilet to hose it down and of course a drain in the floor for the water.

In Singapore I hear it's a crime to not flush the toilet after you use it. It would be awesome if it was a crime to soil the seat. Caning sounds about right to me.

By the way, I used to be pee shy though I never used the stalls. I'm not sure why. It started when I was about 24yrs old, all of a sudden I guess I became self conscious about peeing and if there were other guys around and no dividers between urinals it would often take a while to get started. About 3 years ago a friend told me "try doing multiplication in your head while peeing, supposedly it's connected to the same part of the brain and you can pee". I don't know if he was making that up just so I'd have something to take my mind off it or if it's true but I can say it does work. I assume it just gives me something else to think about instead of being self conscious but since that day I haven't had any pee shy incidents. If you are pee shy give it a try.

Finally, that is one advantage to Japanese style toilets. No part of your body touches them so even if they are a little messy it's not quite as bad.

No, I'm not ready to trade my Western style for Japanese style. 😛

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