Mac OS X


I showed my Mom the Apple Cinema Display, kind of like a hint about birthday gifts 😃 and they were running OS X on the machine connected to the display. It's kind of groovie in a way. If you want to see the main desktop in action check out a movie here.

On the other hand I'm not sure it's all a good thing. That task bar is HUGE!. It was bigger on the machine I was looking at and it bulged where the pointer was (like a magnifying glass). If you watch this video till a little more than half way though you can see the "bulge" mode.

I suppose after a few days you get used to the minimize, maximize, close buttons that are just colored dots until you get near them but at first glance I had no idea where to click.

I was surprised they are making a point that they support Japanese. I know the mac has supported Japanese in the past but Win2K supports tons on languages including Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Hebrew. I'm surprised that Apple is *only* emphisizing Japanese support.

I can't imagine that this system runs well on older machines or in a low−memory condition though maybe they have that solved. At least OS−X finally multi−tasks for real so maybe the Mac will finally not feel like a dud.

A funny thing though, my #1 mac fan friend, she works for a Mac support company, said that she didn't like the new OS X interface. Kimochi warui (feels icky). She also hates the new i−Mac colors Flower Power and Blue Dalmation Flower Power looks more like country home crafts than hippy/rave flowers. In fact I thought that was the idea. Get Aunty Em to buy an i−Mac but with the name "Flower Power" suggesting *hippy* style I'm not so sure.

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