Live from Hong Kong


Live from a Hong Kong internet cafe I'm in the Causeway Bay Area. It's quite different from a Japanese internet cafe because in Japan, (1) they are filled with smoke since everybody is smoking. No smoke here. (2) People wear headphones in Japan. Here's, half the people here are playing Quake or Half Life or some FPR with the speakers up FULL BLAST!!! Sound like they are having a great time. Maybe I should boot it up and join in.

Why am I in an internet cafe? Maybe because I wanted to find the list of movies I should see from a comment on we::blog related to Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.

So far I've hooked up with two people. One is Mr. Voon San from we::blog fame. The other Ms. Lalou from a Hong Kong dating service I found on the internet. She was very cool, very nice. I suspect I won't get to see her again though which I guess it kind of sad but probably a good thing in the end. It would be silly to get intereted in somebody living so far away and knowing for such a short time. .... I hate being rational 😖

Death to NTT