Linux Cafe


Last week I was in Tokyo's Akihabara, the place for geeks like me to get my tech fix and I noticed there was a new store opening up in a few days called "Linux Cafe" so I went back today (after it opened, to check it out).

These pictures may not make a whole lot of sense but actually there is not much to see at the moment.

The sign:

The first floor is a Pronto coffee shop. Pronto is a chain of coffee shops similar to Starbucks except they allow smoking and have a slightly different menu. If you can read Japanese you should be able to see from 5:30 to 23:00 they serve beer and other alcoholic beverages.

There really wasn't much else to see and in fact even though it was supposed to open on the 1st of December according to the first time I saw the place, today, that flyer says "Opening Sale 12/5 to 12/9" so maybe it's not really a *grand opening* until tomorrow. Note: Japan is one day ahead of the states for you state side people so as I write this it's Dec 4th, 6:20pm in Japan.

There really wasn't that much info about the place outside of seeing the coffee shop. Not even a home page URL posted anywhere so I looked it up when I got home and found the homepage. According to this page you can see that it is meant to be used for more than just coffee breaks while shopping for your latest gadgets.

There was also a mission statement on the front of the building in Japanese and English. You can read them below if you are interested.

I guess I'll have to go check out the other floors next time I'm down there to see what if anything is up.


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