Lightwave as bundled software


Sony has a new high end notebook out with a 16.1 inch 1600x1200 display, 1.7gig P4, 512meg ram, and an ATI Radeon 7500 3D graphics card so it probably does descent 3D. Cool!

But more interesting to me is that it comes bundled with Lightwave Express, a 3D graphics program and they are advertising that fact. I'm surprised coming bundled with a 3D package is considered a draw. Maybe the point is something like *Hey look!, This machine is big enough, fast enough to run 3D Software!*

Actually, looking at the rest of this page, it appears the point is to 1 up Apple again. When the new iBooks came out, Apple was advertising that you could edit movies, photos, etc on your iBook and the advertising suggested it was only possible on a Mac even though Sony had already shipped a Vaio notebook capable of all the same stuff a year before that iBook came out including all custom software by Sony.

So know, looking down the list, this machine is positioned as a portable creative studio. It comes with Lightwave 3D Express, Adobe Premiere LE, Adobe Photoshop Elements, DigitalPrint kind of an iPhone clone except it appears to be more useful, and Sonicstage, an iTunes clone

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