Lame Post Office


Lots of companies and lots of goverment run institutions have stupid policies. One that comes up in my life fairly often is the Japanese Post Office's system of delivering packages.

There's how they do it.

Heavy or light, the mail person carries the package all the way to my place up 2 flights of stairs only to find I'm not home (why would I be since like the majority of people I have to work during the day?) Then, even though there is a post office a 1 minute walk from my apartment he leaves a note and takes the package all they way back to the cities's main post office 3−4 miles away. Which by the way is an 2 hour walk round trip or 80 minutes by train and 620yen. The note has several options

1) You can come to the main post office and get your package.

2) You can schedule a delivery time

3) You can have it delivered somewhere else

4) You can have it sent to another post office

100% of the time I have them sent it to my local post office adding 3 days to the delivery time. First day get note, second day send note, 3rd day wait, 4th day it's at the post office 8 buildings away from my apartment.

Does anybody see a problem here? I asked them if there was a way to just always deliver any package to my local post office "no, I'm sorry, we can't do that sir.". So, every single time they pay some mail person to carry the package to my apartment (wasted effort) and every single time he has to leave the note (wasted paper) and then every single time he has to carry it back (more wasted effort) and every single time I have to send the note (which of course another mail person has to pick up and another has to look at and detail with, more wasted effort) then someone finally has to ship it to my local post office. What a waste! And no, they won't just leave it in front of my door which would be fine with me as it was in LA and should be here too where theft is relatively low 😞

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