I don't understand Japanese


Like I said before somedays it just doesn't work.

Thursday in Japanese class we have our listening lesson where we have to listen to a tape and then answer some questions. This Thrusday though we had a practice test for next weeks final. There were 8 questions. First you would hear a dialog like 3 people discussing where they want to go to dinner. Then you are asked a question like "Which person said they couldn't come on Wednesday". That's actually much simpler than the real questions. The real questions were more like you hear 3 people discussing stocks VERY QUICKLY. They rattle off 13 different numbers during their conversation. You're supposed to name one of them. I was able to answer 0 of the 8. 1 of the eight I felt like I might know the answer but I wasn't sure. 2 of the eight were complete guesses. The other 5 I didn't understand at all. Zero. Nada, Zilch. FUCK!!!

It's crap like that that makes me thing my brain just will never learn Japanese. I can't seem to do it. For example I have one CD of Japanese music I bought in 1994. I've been listening to it since then fairly often. I still have NO FUCKING IDEA WHAT THEY ARE SIGNING ABOUT!!! and it's not like it's Michael Jackson style slurred speech either. They singing pretty clearly.

I'm going to put it down to having ZERO Japanese friends. Unlike say my friend Scott how clearly had almost American style friends (ie, people you see everyday and have conversations with) I have none of those kind. I have aquaintances that I see once a month or once every other month.

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