Going to Korea


Well, assuming my cold doesn't get worse I'm going to Korea from Monday to Thrusday during *Golden Week*. The whole country has this week off and some aquaintences of mine wanted to go somewhere and talked me into going with them. At first it was Hong Kong but that turned out to be too expensive for 2 of them. Then it was Thailand, then it was Okinawa now it's Korea. As the entire country is off all prices are double and everything is booked.

I'm not sure if I should be going. We are going to some Korean Island that's kind of a resort place. I think personally I'd rather stay in Tokyo but I already said Yes and we got the tickets etc. Maybe I'd be more excited if I didn't have my cold.

Speaking of my cold which has been going on for 3 weeks now. I finally got my student visa which means I was finally able to enroll in the national insurance which means I was finally able to visit a doctor.

First mistake. I think I just licked a thousand people's armpits. The nurse handed me the electronic thermometer while I was in the waiting room. In America when I've used an electric thermometer it comes with a latex disposable cover over the tip keeping it sanitary but this Japanese one didn't have any cover. I thought, "Well, I guess they must at least clean them off." When I handed it back to the nurse I saw her stick it right in some slot without cleaning it. Then I remembered that in Japan you are supposed to stick it under your arm. Yuck!! I put the thing in my mouth!!! Oops! 🤢

Anyway, the doctor took a look and in typical Japanese medical style, gave me 5 different kinds of medicine to take. 4 pills and something to gargle with. On top of that they have me an injection with the biggest needle I've seen in my life. The thing had as much fluid in it as a tube of toothpaste. At least the nurse was good as using the needle so I didn't feel anything. Then they made me inhale some kind of medicine though an evaporator for a few minutes.

Speaking of not cleaning things they don't clean as much in Japanese doctor's offices. They don't put each person in a private room to wait for the doctor. You're in a room with 4 or 5 other patients and asked to shuffle from place to place. There are sometimes curtains for certain areas. But, for example the bench you lay on if they need you to lay down does not have the disposable paper they pull over for each patient like in the states (not that I ever trusted that stuff anyway since it doesn't cover the whole bench in America doctors offices)

In other news I put an ad in the personals in Tokyo Classified They have a free weekly magazine here in Japan for English readers. It's funny to me that there are 4 times as many personals from guys than from girls. The noticeable traits are that 80 percent or more of the male ads are specifically looking for just sex where as maybe only 2 or 3 of the 60 or so female ads are looking for sex. On the other hand 35 to 50 percent of the female ads specifically state they are looking for rich, handsome and muscular.

Here's my ad

Geek Lover Wanted: I'm a geek. Are you? Let's discuss interesting stuff like techology, science, internet, compuers, movies, games, music, food. 35 SWM from Los Angeles living in Tokyo. Email: ...

I've gotten 6 responses. That's about 6 more than I expected. I met one of them so far. It was a little strange to me. She's probably 21 years old. She was very cool though. The other women I'm still e−mailing. Cross your fingers maybe one of them will become a good match.

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