Flash enabled Cell Phones


NTT Docomo is about to release their 505 series phones. The way NTT Docomo works is they define a minimum spec that all phones in a particular series must meet. For example the 251 series required a camera. The 502 series required Java. The 505 series requires Macromedia Flash support and a some kind of memory card.

That seems like quite a score for Macromedia and possibly quite a setback to Sun. Although I'm sure the phone will still support Java as all the apps of today are written in Java, Flash is arguably more used for client side webstuff than Java and it's arguably more accessable for creators so it seems like it might not be long until Flash apps out number Java apps for cell phones.

There's more though. As I mentioned before, it's only a matter of time before cell phone cameras replace the majority of point and shoot digital cameras. Getting one step closer to that stage, 3 of the 505 cameras have 1 megapixel or larger CCDs

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