Euro Demos


The year's most famous eurodemo party, the assembly party, happened recently and as usual I checked out the winners. Maybe they aren't as cool as in years past when we didn't all have GEForce cards but they still often manage to impress me.

In the 4K catagory check out Motion sickness, Paridisio, They ran fine for me in a command prompt under WinME.

In the 64K category I really liked the music in Exodus which also ran fine from a prompt.

If you want to see pretty standard type eurodemos you can check out Recycled and gerbera. Both will run under Windows native.

Unfortunately I was not able to get the winning entry, Lapsuus, to run and it won by a pretty significant margin so I'm still curious. I managed to get ME to boot directly into DOS with 611K free base memory (for you guys that remember when we had to deal with that stuff) but that still was not enough. 😞

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