Enable Japanese to English Dictionary in iOS


Right after figuring out how to enable the built in Japanese to English dictionary in OSX a friend was like "Awesome! Now they just need it for iOS" to which I thought, hmm, I wonder.

A few clicks later and BAM! Same feature is in iOS

First select a word and pick "Define".

Select a word and pick Define

Now pick "Manage"

Pick Manage

Turn on / Download the Japanese−English dictionary. (A small black circle apparently means it's on)

Turn on the J-E dictionary

Next time you pick "define" you'll get a definition

Japanese to English!

Unfortunately you can't pick define on everything in iOS. Most apps don't support it and even browsers often don't let you select text, specially if the text is part of a link. But hey, it's better than nothing.

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Turn on the built in Japanese/English Dictionary in OSX