Disney Sea


Disney Sea is about to open in Japan. It's a new theme park right next to Tokyo Disneyland. It will probably be unreasonably crowded when it opens but I can hope as it will be off season and if I play hooky from school and go on a weekday maybe it won't be so bad because as a Disneyland fan I have to check it out. I wonder if I can get someone to go with me.

They have a few attractions including the Indiana Jones ride slightly upgraded from the Anaheim version as well as a submarine ride with small 20000 Leagues Under the Sea type subs in a Little Mermaid world. There's also a giant simulator ride like Star Tours but this one holds like 4 times the people.

Also next to Tokyo Disneyland is Ikspiari a themed mall which has been open almost exactly a year. It's a little small to make it worth going for shopping but it does have a Theatre complex and it's got Alan Wong's. My favorite restaurant.

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