Demo Time


Looking for inspriation I checked out the for the latest demos. This time there were a few that really stuck out for me as something new.

My favorite new group has got to be Traction.  They had two awesome demos.  One is called Traction, the other is called I am.

Kewlers is also a favorite group and one of their latest, We Cell is incredible as always.

TCB and Mainloop managed to squeeze an entire city, music and animated robot into 4k with Micropolis.

From one of the most recent demo parties, Breakpoint 2005, 195_95 by Plastic stuck out probably because it's the first demo I've seen that uses all the latest shader techiques of ambient occlusion, HDR rendering, radiance transfer etc.  It looks pretty although it's rather boring but it does give some idea of what next gen games might look like.

A good place to find more is the latest awards from

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