Have you guys seen the article about Davezilla.com getting a letter from Toho owners of Godzilla). People are all in an uproar about it. Most of them assume Toho asked him to stop using the name Davezilla but all they really asked as for him to not use the image and the name together. They only asked him to remove the image, not the name.

What I find extremely sad is that it appears 95% of the responses are pro Dave when it is clear he used their character. His site is a logo of a lizard, standing on two legs with spikes on its back (ie, Godzilla) and then his site is called Davezilla.com Seems to me like he's toast and a sleazeball for thinking he could get away with it. Same for Mozilla which even has the city in the background making it clear it's a giant lizard (ie, Godzilla).

While I think they would be fine if they had only used the name and not the image the fact that they used both together makes it 100% clear they meant to invoke the image of Godzilla.

What do you guys think? Am I missing something?

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