Cellphones keep on progressing


Well they just keep going and going. It was only like 4 months ago the 505i series came out and now already the 505iS series is out.

If you go to that page the bottons on the right side, the top button of each group of two shows a short simulation. The new features off all 505iS series are:

1) They all have at least a 1 megapixel camera. On the 505i series 3 cameras had lower res cameras. As of the 505iS series one even has 2megapixel camera.

In that vain there are ads up like this

It's a poster with actual printouts of pictures from the camera on it.

Sadly that camera is actually only 1 megapixel but saves a 2megapixel image. Give it another 4 months though.

2) They all have internet chat built in. The chat never has to stop 😖

3) They all have movie support. You can record small movies with the camera. AU and J−Phone have had movie features in many phones for a while now but Docomo has mostly waited. They had a couple, especially their FOMA series, but adding it to all their 505iS series means it's now *mainstream* in Japan.

Also, AU is not sitting still either.

AU has 2 new features.

1) One of their movie enabled phones, the Toshiba A5501T has VIDEO OUT!!! So, for example you can transfer your movies to your DVD recorder or just watch them on a TV.

It's only a matter of time before you'll be able to use it to play games on TV and or carry some movies in your pocket.

2) That same phone also has what they call EZ Navi Walk which is just like a car navigation system except it's on your phone for walking. Using GPS the map moves in real time as you walk and it includes VOICE prompts as you walk like "turn left in 50 meters" just like a car navigation system.

You can watch the flash animation on this page for a demo. Click the button on the phone when it tells you, it's 2 clicks until the real demo.

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