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One of the advantages of living in Japan is the basement food market.  Even better for me, I live near Shinjuku, one of the largest cities in Japan in which there are no less than 8 of these places.

In particular, one of the most tempting things about them is the desserts.  The basement is made up of all these little stands each selling their own brand of foods.  In fact, in the biggest store in Shinjuku, Isetan, has around 25 different stands just selling western style desserts (and another 25 or so selling Japanese style as well) and just one stand has 20 to 30 kinds of desserts.  That over 700 desserts to eat!!!!  Here are a few just to give you an idea 

Here is some kind of banana cream tart thingy!  I love bananas!
For you chocolate lovers of course there are lots of regular chocolates like Godiva etc but I'd prefer something like this
These are fancy cookies.  I gotten these for my family for Christmas the last couple of years.
Some more banana creations.  These are small cakes I think although if they were almost 100% banana I would not be surprised.
Here are some cream puffs.  It seems like every department store's basement has at least 2 places selling them.  Sometimes with flavored creams.
More chocolate dreams.
It was strawberry season when I took these pictures so several places had strawberry creations
Ooey, Gooey, soft and chewy.  Could it be a rum cream cake?
I have no idea what that *white* stuff is.  I've seen a yellow thing that's similar which is made from sweet potatoes though.  I guess I'll just have to eat one to find out.
Strawberry cake with nama cream.  Nama means "raw" but in Japanese "nama cream" means whipped cream.
I can't even tell what this messy looking dessert is.  It looks like a cross between some kind of western dessert and a mid-eastern dessert on top.
Got to have your dainty cookies for tea with the neighbors.
And more puff cookies for the next visit.  Like in America where it is common to bring a bottle of wine when you are invited to dinner.  Here it's common to bring a dessert.
Japanese kabocha (pumkin) muffins with nama cream.  I'll bet there is something in the middle.
I'll bet it tastes like purple.  I think this is just frosting but there is a sweet potato that has purple meat that is used in lots of desserts in the Philippians and in some in Japan too.

As you can see I'd have no trouble fattening up if I wanted to.  In fact it's quite the temptation as I'm in this area everyday and this is only the basement western style desserts.  That still leaves all the Japanese style desserts and the delicious looking non−desserts.  On top of which there are all the cafes that sell desserts but I'll leave that for another page. 😉

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