Broken Tape Measure


I've been setting up my new apartment, buying lots of stuff. I have a tape measure I bought in at Tokyu Hands in Tokyo. It turns out it's wrong. After buying a bunch of blinds and having them not come close to being the correct size I was thinking WTF, false advertising. I was about to take them back when I tried putting on a table cloth I bought and having it also not be the correct size.

So I thought I should go to the store and before I asked to return the stuff I should ask them to check my tape measure. Then it occured to me I could lookup the size of the table which I expected would not be wrong. It's listed as 86 inches. I checked with my tape measure it says 73 inches. So I check the centimeter size, 220cm. Check the tape measure. 220 CM. I know the conversion is supposed to be 2.54cm to the inch or 100cm (1 meter) is 39.37 inches. I look down at the 100cm mark on the tape measure. It says 33inches. WTF! Now I have to take all this stuff back.

Looking closer at the tape measure the top scale is not inches, it's in units which are 33 units per meter. Not inches, not metric, must be some old Japanese standard.

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