Blogs: A huge waste of time


10 years ago when DOOM game out there was talk about the amount of productivity that had been lost to that game throughout the country. Some people joked it could have been as high as 10%. Several companies banned it from work it became such a problem.

I'm wondering if the new productivity sink is blogs and homepages. Looking around the net and seeing so much work being put into it and knowing how much work it is I have to wonder.

Some sights are fairly simple. They put up a simple default blogger page, maybe adjust the colors, put up a picture or two but otherwise pretty much just leave it at that and post an entry or opinion a few times a week.

Other people go from posting hourly to fullblow design, flash, special features, etc. Where do they get the time? I guess I am asked that myself. Adding a blog entry does not take that long although multiply by 4 if I also do the Japanese version in which case 10 minutes becomes 40. But, adding features, desiging, writing articles takes major time. Adding the comment system probably took 20 hours. Adding any article takes 4 to 8 hours.

And there's no end to the stuff I want to add or do all for appearently no reason. I guess it's my hobby. Why do people build model trains or knit pictures? Just because. Things I want to add

I'm sure I can think of more but as you can see that's a ton of time to waste, all for no really good reason.

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