You want to eat meat?  Go to this Brazilian restaurant in Omotesando called Barbacoa!

In the states most all you can eat places are generally considered not very ... for lack of a better word, "good".  That's not to say you can't have good food at an all you can eat place but generally if you were to rank the quality and deliciousness of restaurants most all you can eat places would be on the lower half of the list

Well, in Tokyo while that also generally holds true there are actually quite a few *high class* all you can eat places.  With that comes a price too.  I've seen all you can eat places that charge as much as 8000yen (about $70!)

Barbacoa charges around 3500yen or about ($30) but it's arguably worth it.  They have a huge salad bar with a lot more than your average salad bar so even if you are a vegaterian you could have a good meal.  But, their specialty and I guess this is Brazilian, is MEAT!  And I mean lots of it.  They have people walking around serving meat off of spits, they walk by, ask if you want some and carve some off for you.  I think they have 12 different kinds, mostly beef.

As my friends say "Let's MEAT at Barbacoa!"