Amazon Theater


I was on Amazon today and they are pushing some short movie project called Amazon Theater.

The first movie, "Do Geese See God" was interesting but the most interesting thing I saw was the credits

Included in the "cast" are all the buyable props in the movie including the shoes the bum was wearing etc. It's kind of incongruous, first a movie about slowing down and smelling the roses and then oh, yea, buy some merchandise. On the online version the various products are hot linked so if you put your pointer over them as they scroll by the video will pause and you can click to order.

I've talked about this before but it's only going to get worse. HDD recorders and pirated TV via P2P is going to kill TV commercials leading two only a few possibilities. One, no more TV or two, embedding the commericals in the film. Certainly at first there will be the example we have above. I suspect we'll get to the point where you can pause on any frame of a TV show and either click on the actual props and clothing or pull up a list for that scene to buy all the stuff you see. "click here for Jennifer Aniston's sweater".

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