Adult Toys


Along with the theme of you never know what you'll find in Japan....

Japan has this subculture of small toys you get out of gumball machines.  Lots of people collect them and they have thousands of  kinds.

Here's the some of the Simpsons

There's the Thunderbids!  Thunderbirds are GO!

What the heck?  There's robot Mickey and Minnie Mouse

In Akihabara there are a couple of stores that are just a room full of these machines and their are other stores that sell all of the toys already out of the machines so you can pick and choose but of course they double the price.

store full of machines

So I'm walking around some random place that has just 12 or so machines and I find these toys mixed in with all the other stuff.

(click for larger image)

Apparently these are based on characters from Vampire Hunter / Night Warriors

(click for larger image)

And these are based on some adult anime / manga I think.

If you are interested, Yujin seems to be the biggest brand.  Their site is hard to navigate but you can find most of their toys from this page.  Pick an entry from one of the drop down lists and then follow the links.

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