A Cell Phone for Luddites


Here's a cell phone for your luddite friends. It has only one feature. It makes/takes phone calls. There's no display, nothing. Dial, Pickup or Hangup.

While I'm on this topic I'm on the side of the more gadgets the better. I use nearly every feature on my phone. It keeps my schedule since it's always on me. I read Slashdot, BBC News, and Wired news while I'm on the train. I email friends to make and verify plans. I reserve tickets for the movies. I check out club events. I keep a Japanese learning list on it. I keep measurements on for things I need like a bed spread or a bookshelf. Yes, I could put those on paper but I always have my cell phone, I don't always care papers. I use the camera not only to take silly pictures but also to take notes. For example my friend was looking at beds the other day. Instead of writing down all the details for each bed he just held up the info sheet attached to an bed he was interested in and took a picture with his cell phone. Instantly he had prices for all the sizes of that bed as well as it's sizes. Having a gadgets on your phone is a good thing. 😊 👍