4 Months with my Cell Phone


Around April I got my new cell phone with camera.  Like I mentioned, just like film cameras are quickly disappearing for all but the pros it's clear to me digital cameras may also disappear to the cameras built into cell phones.  As an example here's most of the images I've taken with my phone for the last 4 months.

my lamp switchmy girlmy classmate
..dude..where's my girlbabes
a websitesent to her hubbymice colors
coffeeshinjuku tunnelthe floor
sandwichwaterhidden mickey?
concert infomy feetsmooch
frames are built....into the cameralook into my eye
my project had the same namea language school adgrrr
typing the e-mailcutieit's falling on me
korean ketchuppod people!very saucey
what position is this?don't take my pic!!awwwh lovers
sleepy nekonice a.. baglego backpack
chocolate shroomsmoochies againdang that's small
the viewit's *that* girl!ca fe
all goneyuki and youngmiI am number one
She is number twobroccoli moussered pepper mousse
fish creamthumbs upginger & nori pizza
damn that's stupidour hangoutcaughtcha!
my favorite placehidden mickey #2shop mart, shop s-mart
check that dew!la la laignore that guy
then she did what?designer batteriesjudy judy judy
$80 each?!?!taiwan babetotoro or lamp?
lego cdI need that1984
sora ga kireidoin da packinp p p pop
obigood in purplenot weird in Japan
weird even in Japanhandsom dude..whadda ya know?
s.s.s.snoregiant robot attack!traffeek
pokoeor else!candy or adult toy?
gummi poopred ∧ green? NO!howdy pawtnaw
sawayakaaaaherase it! damit!ha ha ha he he
baby clam snacksdurian chipsyou guess
electronicsthe MAN

About 1/2 of those images have 640x480 versions, good enough for Polaroid quality prints.

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