Why don’t those stupid people believe in the Science?

To all you people who believe in climate change and who can’t understand why those stupid deniers don’t believe the facts let me ask you….

  • Do you believe that being cold or being in cold weather makes you sick?

    Science has proven it doesn’t.

  • Do you believe that MSG gives you headaches, or does other bad things to do you?

    Science has proven it doesn’t.

  • Do you believe that air conditioning is bad for you?

    Science has proven it’s not.

  • Do you believe that sudden changes in temperature make you sick?

    Science has proven it doesn’t

  • Do you believe vaccines are bad for your kids?

    Science has proven they’re not.

  • Do you believe silicone implants are bad for you?

    Science has proven they’re not.

  • Do you believe a sun tan is healthy?

    Science has proven they’re not.

  • Do you believe fat makes you fat?

    Science has proven it doesn’t.

  • Do you believe salt gives you high blood pressure?

    Science does not support that.

  • Do you believe vitamin C prevents colds?

    Science has proven it doesn’t.

  • Do you believe echinacea or zinc prevents colds?

    Science has proven they don’t.

  • Do you believe saturated fat clogs your arteries? Science has found zero evidence it does.

If you believe any of those maybe take some time out on why you can accept the science for climate change but refuse to accept the science for these other topics.

  • Eric Yap

    Do you believe that eating beans and onions make you fart a whole lot more?

    More scientific research  required!

  • Looking forward to the results of your extensive research

  • Guest

    Do you believe the science of climate change?

    If you do, does that make you more likely to disbelieve the science on those other issues?

    Is believing science a good or bad thing?

    Sorry, but I’m not really sure what you’re trying to say here.

  • This post is mostly about friends and acquaintances that put forward “you should do X because it’s proven” and yet those same friends basically believe in superstition in other areas.

    The post started with climate change because a friend posted about there being scientific consensus and therefore they feel others are being illogical. I just wanted to point out that maybe their illogical-ness wasn’t all that strange.

    I’ve got other friends who claim to be logical, get angry that more people aren’t and yet still believe in “cold makes you cold”, “msg gives you headaches”, “fat makes you fat” etc. No matter how much research they are presented with that says otherwise they refuse to believe in the science.  

  • Come back when you’ve actually got some links to real studies instead of just repeating people’s anecdotes and long held but proven wrong beliefs.

    Also, don’t assume I don’t believe in climate change. My point isn’t that it’s wrong. My point is that people often say “why can’t you believe the science” when they themselves refuse to believe on other topics.

    It’s hypocritical. If they can’t get themselves to accept the science on these other topics how do they expect people to accept the science on their topic of choice.

  • NoX

    I guess it would convince a lot more people if you include links to real studies about your allegations

  • EscortDusseldorf

    thei dont belive becouse thei dont want to bealive beacouse thei like the nice stori from the bibele beacuse there parents told them so

  • a pissed off engineer

    It’s called cognitive dissonance – and it isn’t particularly surprising. People will trust their lives to cars designed using science/engineering – and at the very same time spout some sanctimonious religious or ignorant bullshit – because they don’t equate the two.

    Furthermore – science doesn’t prove things – it merely supports falsifiable hypothesis – nothing can ever be proven beyond all doubt. However, it can be proven beyond all testable doubt.