1 of the reasons I haven’t been updating my website as much as before is I’ve been spending nearly all my free time writing this software.

Today I just got it to the point that I think I can use it on this site.  I wrote it basically because at the time, last November, I couldn’t find any blogging software that did what Tanjunka does.  Basically it lets you post entries to your blog with photos faster than any other software I’ve used.  Drag in the photos, type a your entry, pick post.  By default Tanjunka will resize the photos to a blog friendly size.  It always seemed to take 5 to 15 extra minutes to post anything with a photo to a blog so my goal was to get rid of that problem.  The easier it is the more likely I’l post.

Tanjunka can do basic photo editing so hopefully I won’t have to go to photoshop anymore.


  • Leo

    You developed that all by yourself? Looks great. Are you going to make it open source? 😉 Just kidding, just kidding.

  • Vorteks

    You experience a minor inconvenince and you create a comprehensive, polished piece of software to combat it, and make it free to the masses?

    I think you are my new roll model. 🙂

  • Wesnc
    Cant download

    Seems to look like a wonderful program but the link on the site for download doesnt work..could some one give me another please?

  • It should work now.  I was in the process of changing servers.

    That said, hopefully Microsoft will officially release .NET 2.0 and I can get back to adding features.  As it is .NET 2.0 beta 2 is buggy and microsoft removed all the beta 1 tools so I can’t work on it which is extremely frustrating.

  • Wesnc

    It doesnt start i get this


    Could it be my system maybe?

    Or a error in the program?