• bionicroach

    That is sweet.


    I’m sure it will be available in the US by 2017 or so…

  • designer phone

    Hi Gregg!! Wow this phone looks really nice! When I was trying to decide which phone I should get I almost got the other designer phone INFOBAR http://www.au.kddi.com/seihin/kinobetsu/seihin/infobar/index.html

    Its so cute! But then I chose a phone that has a dictionary in it.. for functionality.. 🙁

  • Koto

    What’s the price of the Talby? I live in NM, so it could be rather hard to get my hands on one. Do you know any common distributors?

  • iabty

    Does this phone even work in the USA?

  • No

    The phone does not work outside of Japan.

    In other news, it’s the #2 best selling phone in Japan currently.

  • iabty

    realy? #2? what is #1 then?

  • #1

    is the Sharp Sh901ic

  • iabty

    ew, the sharp sh901ic is fugly!

  • cristobal
    talby price

    do you know how much does it cost the talby?

  • USAguy

    I WANT THE TALBY – when the hell will it be available in the US???