Super High Speed Family Car King, Vrooom!!!

Here in Japan there is a series of PS2 games called the Simple Series which would basically be described as low budget games.

This week I guess is the first time one of those games made it to the #1 sales position. The game is called “超最速!族車キングBU” which translated I think means “Super High Speed Family Car King, Vrooom!!!” which features this screen

There are some treasures in the series. For example “The Earth Defense Force” is a pretty awesome game about fighting off giant ants, monsters and aliens. There’s also lots of funky ones like “The大美人” (The Giant Beautiful Woman) or “ラブ★エアロビ♪ (Love Aerobics)

Lots of people complain about the fact that there is no place for indy games for consoles. I don’t know how these games are created but it sure seems like they are indy games. Maybe they should try this in other markets as well.

  • Omar

    The first game of this serie:

    SIMPLE2000シリーズ Vol.1 THEテーブルゲーム ~麻雀・囲碁・将棋・カード・ 花札・リバーシ・五目ならべ~

    Sold about 260000 units!!

    Other seems to usually range aound 5000/10000 units.

    I agree that D3 publisher is a great exemple. They released more than two hundred “budget” games and have probably developped a production chain allowing them to start and complete games in a matter of months.

  • are these games any cheaper than non-low budget games?

  • Cheaper

    generally yes.  The Simple 1500 series are priced at 1500yen (about $12.50), the Simple 2000 series are priced at 2000yen (about $17)

  • Tim
    BombRun. Manhattan

    Did I get the translation for this game right? Might be a terrorist training risk 🙂

  • JoeThanks
    Great link, here’s one for you
  • JoeThanks
    oops – the link:

    What’s your opinion on this, Greg?