• turtleJP
    Pretty scary….

    It's pretty scary to look at all of theese places to eat because I've been to 90% of them already.



  • ParRie
    Good Ramen in OC

    Next time you are back in OC, you have to try Shinsengumi. There are several locations. Although its not as good as Tokyo's Jangara or Marukin Ramen, I think its pretty good for a ramen place overseas.

  • Deanna

    Here is a few great places to try out also:
    1): Shoreline Diner located in Seal Beach on PCH..they have great italian food, seafood dinners/specials, also killer artichoke hearts appetizer! The menu seems a little pricey but if you ask for half-order they will give to you at a lower price than what is listed on menu and it will more than fill you up after appetizer and salad.
    I believe they are open 24 hours as well.

    2): CBS Seafood on Orangethorpe Ave in Buena Park. It is on left hand side if traveling from Knott ave. Close to the A&W Rootbeer place. They have great Dim Sum from 11am to 3pm. Also depending on time of year..you can get live lobster, dungenees crab, huge shrimp (but they are usually pregnant females- most people who buy them eat them whole, eggs and all), and many other types of seafood for pretty reasonable prices. And they will steam for you for no charge or you can take them home live. Sometimes, they are rude (or seem rude) but they never mess up your order.. they also have this seafood soup, looks like it has octopus, sea urchins all this other amazing things in it..though I have never tried it ..it looks and smells delicious.

    I hope you try these two places out (if you come back from Japan-that is if you are still there)..they are both pretty good places to eat..then again..it depends on if you like those types of foods!

  • ramblinred
    More O.C. Places to eat

    Might I also suggest Sweetee Thai on Valley View and Cerritos, Lily Garden on Valley View and Orange in Cypress and Macaroni Grill on Seal Beach and the 405 in Seal Beach.

  • Kathy

    My newest favorite thai place would be Thai Chili restaurant, on Tustin street. In next to Orange mall. Shrimp pad thai taste and curry are awesome. I mostly was suprised with a set of appetizers they provided, chicken satay. I like the waterfall and natural atmosphere there. The service is great with all smiles from the waitresses. The taste is so authentic. I hope you get a chance to try this place.