Little Saigon

I’m not sure if this is true but I’ve been told the Little Saigon has the most Vietnamese people outside of Vietnam.  It’s a great place to visit.  Especially check it out on Tet day one of the major celebrations.

Directions: A good place to start is the area near the Dragon Phoenix Palace Chinese Seafood Restaurant.  Little Saigon runs from Beach Blvd to Euclid along Garden Grove Blvd, Westminster Blvd and Bolsa Ave.

  • KT

    It’s true… Lil Saigon does have the most Vietnamese outside of Vietnam. How do I know? I live around there. btw- nice site. I enjoy reading them

  • EatNJoyMan

    I love visiting Little Saigon man!!.  There are sooo many beautiful Asian chics and wonderful foods.  The sandwiches at Lee’s Sandwiches at the corner of Brookhusrt and Westminster and The filet mignon steak at Saigon Bistro on Magnolia are the best in OC. Try seven courses of beef (bobay mon in Vietnamese) and once you learn the taste of the food you will get hooked forever for this authentic, full-of-surprise dish from Vietnam.  Bobay mon is available at Pagolac on Brookhurst or Hongphuc across from Lee’s Sandwiches and Thin An on Harbor, they’re excellent for big party.  And don’t forget Vietnamese signature noodle soup Pho.  They are available everywhere in Little Saigon and they are all excellent.

    A few other places I strongly recommend:  Thann My on Bolsa blvd, Pho Thanh also on Bolsa, Ho Tay on Westminster, Brodard inside Fortune Mall (very cool place).  Also, a place I and my friends have visited many times for Vietnamese and French foods is called Al Fovori on First street about two miles east of Little Saigon.  I took my girlfriend there for dinner on Valentine.  We ordered a huge whole fish to be wrapped in Vietnamese rice paper Boy what a great dish!!!  We loved it instantly!!  Since then we have come back for more about 3-4 times. 

    There are so many things to try in Little Saigon but you need to invest time and effort to learn what’s available because they are not advertised on newspaper or TV.  Also, you need to first learn and appreciate authenticity and their uniqueness which can be different from what you’re used to at Claim Jumpers, Black Angus or …Mac Donald’s.  Enjoy.


    EatNJoyMan blessed to be in OC.




  • Traveler
    Tips on Little Saigon

    Little Saigon, Westminster does have the largest Vietnamese population outside of its motherland – Vietnam. Than comes San Jose, Houston and New Orleans.

    I have visited the Vietnamese communities in these cities. However, I still favor Little Saigon, Westminster the best. The location is great between the 405 and 22 Fwys and it’s always sunny in Southern California.

    If you are planning to visit Little Saigon on the weekends, go early.

    Starting around 11:00 is when it gets really crowded and finding parking anywhere is a B@#$h. I like going to the Asian Market right when it opens, you get the freshest produce and seafood. And the prices are reasonable.

    Most of the restaurants in Little Saigon are excellent. And not to mention the sandwich shops and bakeries are to die for.

    When visiting Little Saigon, respect its culture (like you would any other cultures), go early, and enjoy yourself to what it has to offer.


  • transittalks

    Little Saigon in Westminster, CA has been official as of 1988.  In 1990’s Little Saigon has gotten bigger that it spreads out to the city of Garden Grove, CA, which is a neighbor city.  Guess what, the 2nd official Little Saigon in USA is in San Francisco, CA. That is right, it is now official as of 2005.  Even though the population is only 13,000 , it is now official. check it out for yourself by going to site and type in “san francisco little saigon” and you will learn it from your own. My hope in life is to more more in the future and hopefully San Jose, Houston, Chicago, Arlington, VA (near D.C.) and of course, New Orleans to have Little Saigon as well. enjoy

  • K30
    Little Saigon by the bay

    “I’m coming back to San Francisco today

    I’m coming home to my Little Saigon by the Bay”

    For Little Saigon @ San Francisco on 07/15/08