Getting a Date

Hello and welcome to my dating info page. If it's not clear I've changed my look. You can check out my old pages if you are curious what you used to look like.

What do you want to know about me?

Well for starters, I'm a video game creator. I enjoy the creative aspects of my job. Games incorporate all the disciplines of movies, music, graphic design as well as all the disciplines that take those and turn them into a a game, game design, technology, artificial intelligence. You couldn't ask for a more creative field I think.

I'm also a programmer. It has it's advantages. I can build and fix a computer. If there is a technical problem I want solved I can usually solve it. I wrote the system that runs this website for instance.

Not so vital stats
Name: Gregg
Location: Tokyo
Age: 39
Height: 5'10 (178cm)
Eye Color: Brown
Blood Type: Alien
Sign: Peace
Dogs or Cats: Dogs
Drink: Sometimes
Smoke: No way!
Religion: nope

I love eating and trying new cuisines. When I get the chance I go out with my more adventurous friends and try new restaurants. I can't imagine eating the same dish or even the same cuisine every day. Even though I look white I'm positive I can use chopsticks better than you! 🙂

I'm a music lover. Before I moved to Japan I had over 900 CDs. I pretty much like stuff all over the board. For dancing I like techno but for listening everything is good. Rock, Pop, Jazz, Swing, Bossa Nova, Vocals, Oldies, Hip Hop, R&B, Lounge, Ska, you name the genre and there are probably a few songs I'm into. I also like singing but most of that occurs in the car while I'm driving and being in Tokyo I don't get to drive much. If the song matches my voice I do okay.

I love going to the movies of course. I especially like to going to opening day blockbuster movies and seeing them when you can feel the energy in the audience. I don't usually mind crowded places like Shibuya since the more people there are the more interesting things there are to see.

Taking me to a bookstore is dangerous since I will want to buy 50 books even if I'll never read them. I especially like Art books, Architecture books and Children's books. On the other hand I don't read nearly as much as I should. For novels I probably prefer SF or something with a new idea to challenge my imagination.

I like doing crafts although I don't do them often enough. Making my own art, photography, or even clothing. You might even consider this website a craft as well.

I'm not really into sports, both doing and watching. I would like to do more. I'd like to try snowboarding more and some tennis but I need a partner. I'd also like to try surfing. Swimming is always fun as I grew up swimming since I was like 3yrs old.

I'm looking for someone who is first and foremost a fun person to be with. Someone who says "yes" to most suggestions about what to do. I'm also looking for someone that can be my best friend. My best guess is that person should have some similar interests. Movies and music are not similar interests, everybody enjoys those. I'm guessing that is someone that enjoys all the things a computer allows them to do and maybe enjoys a video games once in a while. That doesn't mean you should be a "geek" but it means that if you find computers boring or you think video games are a waste of time then we are clearly not a match.

I'm also looking for someone that is into the American ideal of a relationship which is that once you become a "couple" for the most part you act as a couple. Because you are best friends you want to do not all but most things together as a couple. I only bring that up because the Japanese ideal seems to be you sleep together a few times a week but you play with your friends separately.  I'm not looking for that kind of relationship.

You should also be smart, believe in yourself and preferably believe that you can do anything you set your mind to.

Other than that I’m pretty easy going.:-D

If you want to see more pictures or other info about me, try the older links below for older versions of this page.

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    日本語では37才でenlish versionはI’m 36になってる。





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  • Karen

    You seem really cool! 🙂 I’m from NZ, and stumbled upon your website whilst looking up info for hip hop dancing in hong kong – clearly everyone goes to japan? hahaa.. I was dreaming of setting up a hip hop dance company in HK.

    Anyway – just very impressed that you’re part of the whole Crash Bandicoot team. It was like the first game I ever played on my playstation! hahaha…You’ve an interesting site. Have already bookmarked it 🙂

    See ya!

  • tammy

    where are you now? I am in TX houston, working at an electrical enclosure mfg co. I was looking up Wells fargo and found your site. I TOTALY F#$#%^^ AGREE!!!!! I am to angry to even write my story down yet. Anyway cool site


  • yukofromAtlanta
    Still looking?

    I was just wondering – are you still looking?  This blog was dated a few years ago~  Anyways, good luck on your search if yes!  I read your thread, “Life in America…” that lead to “subjects on girlfriends…” and found it quite intriguing and interesting.  You’re cute and intelligent, yet seem to be so fixated on finding a girl with the ‘same interests.’  I’m not saying that in a bad way, but may suggest opening your horizons a bit.  I’m also very black and white, and I’m working on trying to be more gray.  Maybe you can benefit from the same goals 🙂  Good luck, and I enjoy your blog very much!  I just began reading them today, and I’ve already consumed several hours of my time on a Saturday night at home reading your blog! Yikes!  BTW, you may want to omit or rephrase “Someone who says “yes” to most suggestions about what to do” on your profile.  I’m a 31 yr old Chinese girl, born and raised in Japan, and have been in America since 1994, but I don’t think my opinion is of a cultural difference:  you sound a tad bit controlling!  Com’on, people can’t help making assumptions and judgements when reading a profile on a web, you know… just be careful of how you market yourself!