Chocolate Covered Squid

I was out with my friend Kevin and he spotted this in the candy section of Asobit in Aki. YES!!!! 😀

It’s not as gross as it sounds. First off, dried shredded squid basically taste like a kind of beef jerky with basically the same texture and a similar flavor. In fact I suggest you try it. Think salty meat. Add something sweet, chocolate, and you get about the same kind of flavor sensation as getting syrup on your sausage.

  • Django
    speaking of “syrup on your sausage”

    The MINISUKA POLICE are now airing very,very late at night (around 3-4 am) on Taiwan Cable! Mmmmmm. DELICIOUS.

  • kumin
    oh dear…

    IKA CHOCO! what a sound yukk…but i know japanese snack food sence abit like a game as you know but i never see the food!just i want to try the tasty…mmm its like a do watch some horr film…mystery snack…

    oh i loved eat VAMPIRE ICE CREAM by KANEBO product that is your tongue skin color will change to BLAK when you ate all it! its had really wondafull ice.hope that they try to reprint.