Looking for good Italian food in Tokyo?  My friends Pat and Austin introduced me to Salvatore

Japanese Italian food is just that, "*Japanese* Italian".  It’s everywhere.  Probably the second most common food next to Japanese food if you don’t count fast food places.  Personally I enjoy it but I know that if you are looking …


Wanna try something new?  How about Myanmar Food?

I had not even heard of Myanmar before.  One of my classmates though is from Myanmar and explained to me it used to be called Burma (*)

We used to go to this place called Yatana near school about once a month after school so …

Neuf Cafe

Another way cool cafe so hidden you’ll feel like a club member just to know where it is.

I guess word is actually getting around about this place since it gets pretty busy at night.  It’s called Neuf which means 9 since it’s on the 9th floor.  Being on the 9th floor if this relatively …

Jinmin Cafe

One day I had to go to the immigration office.  There happens to be one in Shibuya which most foreigners seem not to know about which means it’s less crowded.  Afterwords I thought I’d wander around and try to find a place for lunch and I stumbled upon this little cafe.  The Jinmin Cafe.

(click above for full view)

Right …

Jangara Ramen

If you are visiting Tokyo and you want to know why ramen is famous in Japan then you owe it to yourself to check out Jangara Ramen

You probably know that Japan is famous for ramen and of course in the states we have Tom Ramen and Cup Of Noodles.  What you may not know …

Tokyo Bay Cafe Island

You’re looking for some place new.  You’d like a view.  Check out the Tokyo Bay Cafe Island

The CafeI was watching TV in late Winter 2001 and I saw some news piece on the new Harumi-Triton complex that had just opened.  It’s a skyscraper office building + small mall, plus food court, plus restaurants, plus apartment …

Organic Cafe

I absolutely hate Starbucks!!  There, I said it.  Actually that’s not true but I never go into a Starbucks unless someone else is doing the deciding.  The reason is it’s so bland.  I see going to Starbucks about as interesting as going to Mc Donalds which I also tend to avoid.  I would much much …

Xi’an Toshoumen

Good casual Chinese food in Daikanyama.

My friend Yuki took me to this place.  They are a small chain who’s specialty is a kind of noodle made by taking a big slab of noodle dough and slicing little strips of it off with a knife.

On top of that they have a fairly large selection …

Tenten Joujou Kaitenbou

You’ve heard of rotating sushi?  This is rotating yamucha (dim sum)

I’m guessing at the name since the real name is only written in Kanji and you can’t tell how to pronounce Kanji in Japanese without asking.

I think most people in Tokyo know about this place in Odaiba at the Odaiba Little Hong Kong

Star Kebab House

Star Kebab House is YUMMY!

Disclaimer: I’m friends with one of the people that works here.

He was in my Japanese class and he would often try to get us to come check out is restaurant.  Particularly when they were having a special all you can eat night.  The only problem was it was 4000 …

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