Carne Station

Need a cheap meat fix?  Try Carne Station

Once in a while when my friends and I feel like bursting our stomachs on the cheap we head over to this place called Carne Station.

It's in Akihabara directly under the train tracks for the Yamanote Line. You exit from Akihabara Station and then walk toward Ueno down the main street of Akihabara until you hit the second major intersection were the Suehirocho station  (末広町) of the Ginza metro line is. Turn toward the train tracks and you'll find it under there. It's less than a 10 minute walk.

For lunch it's amazingly cheap for Japan. Something like 1000 yen for all you can eat yakiniku. 1200 if want soft drinks too.

But it's not just yakiniku. They have 5 or more kinds of meat. They have lots of veggies and salads.  They have rice and curry.  They have egg rolls and shumai and French fries and other fried foods.  They've even got dessert including 4 to 6 favors of ice cream, almond jello, fruits and various other things.

This is what happens when 6 guys go pile on the grub. Not a pretty site but no complaints either. It's not gyu-kaku but it's still good!

  • anonymousTroy

    tabehodai yakiniku.

    i just gained 2kg thinking about it.

    there used to be a really good korean gyuudon place under the akihabara tracks (on the south side of the station, 2 or 3 stores over from the Ten-don place). Best beef bowl I found in Japan. “nami icho desu”!

    you ever find a good yakitori-don place? I’ve been able to order it in a couple of izakaiya’s, and at Marco Polo in Takadanobaba, but it’s pretty rare, which is sad since it’s my favorite food of all time.

  • dma
    carne station

    The Carne Station in Ginza is the classiest of the cheap places. The one in Ikebukuro was a dump.

    I wonder if and when Hanamasa is going to re-open the Farm Grill.

  • joemama
    will check this out

    …but regarding gyu-kaku… have you ever tried Toraji? I have to say that Toraji is 10x better than gyu-kaku could ever hope to be.

  • dma

    I’ve only been to Toraji once, the one in Nishi Azabu close to Gonpachi, and it was pretty good.

    There’s been a change in Gyu-Kaku recently, at least in the ones in my area. They’ve turned up the lights and changed the menu and atmosphere so it’s almost like family restaurant now. I thought it was a lot better when it was dark and smoky.

    Gyu-Kaku hits the US