Access all your e-mail from your cell phone

Some of you probably already know other ways but if you go to Yahoo Japan’s E-Mail and sign up for an account (free), then once you are signed up you can add extra POP accounts (normal e-mail accounts) for it download (set it to leave the messages on the server). Once you do that you can access all your e-mail from your cell phone at If you have a long commute that might be a good way to catch up.

  • anonymouse

    You can also go to instead, if you’d prefer English language.

  • lu2

    Haven’t tried it yet though I took a quick look at the page.  The English one made me nostalgic for having aim on my phone.  And it wasn’t even web enabled.  Any way to do this on Japanese ones?  I tried a couple times but couldn’t find a way to do it.

    Also the way you are doing it is just to pop all the other mail through yahoo right?  And then get your yahoo mail through your keitai?

    Happy late b-day if you didn’t get my mail (left it on orkut but it may not have gone through).  Send me mail sometime–I have a late b-day present for you. ;]


  • Nokia 7610 has a built-in Popmail client

    In Singapore the Nokia 7610 has a built-in popmail client. If your service has GPRS, you can download your email direct to your phone and leave a copy on the server to download later to your real computer.

  • livinginthepastman
    push email

    OH please come the day here in Australia when my email will be PUSHED to my phone.. instead of having to check it manually each time.. what a joy.

    When it happens it will bring back fond memories of my time in Japan and the keitei now sitting useless in my cupboard that would actually tell you when you have mail come in.. AMAZING! The FUTURE! And to think this is normal to the Japanese. Instead we are getting pushed some stoopid Soda Pop client and now these crappy BlackBerry thingamabobs too. eeechhhh!!

  • niels
    No GPRS


    Japan uses either PHS or UMTS (WCMDA) and has no GPRS function.

    That being said, you can use phones like Sharp (vodafone) S903 or 904 and create pop accounts on that. The Sharp S903 has a 3.2Megapixel camera.

    You can also go for a push mail device like a blackberry. Unfortunately though, you can not currently get Blackberry functionality in Japan because Japanese telco’s do not support it.

  • bolsas femininas

    Do you have a facebook fan page or any other way to contact you?