behind LA's airport
If you drive west down Culver or Jefferson Blvd you will eventually hit Playa Del Rey.  Culver and Jefferson merge near the ocean.  I don't know the name of the street but at some point you have to turn left.  It's a signal where there are 2 left turn lanes and only one *thru* lane.

Anyway that street goes down the cost from the southern side of Marina Del Rey all the way to Manhattan Beach and beyond.

It's all along the coast and it's generally not too busy.  It's behind the airport under the flight path of airplanes taking off.

I like going there sometimes.  You can watch the ocean, watch the sunset, watch the planes.  There's a small park where you can eat lunch or dinner if you want or you can eat in your car or you could walk down to the beach.  There is also one street near the park you can pull up in and look over the airport to watch the planes.

It's also interesting because it's clear that area used to be an old neighborhood.  Probably from the 1920s or 1930s based on looking at the lampposts.  Most of the area is fenced off except for the park but behind the fences you can see the old roads where all the houses used to be before they put in the airport and it became too loud to live there.

I saw a documentary once the LA high school system TV station,  Channel 58, about the airport.  Part of it was how the people that lived near the airport had to fight for a long time to get them to put up the sound barriers and also if I remember correctly the petitioned to get the planes made quieter.  They also got the airport authority to buy lots of the houses around there since by putting in the airport they and ruined the property value of all that beach front property.

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