If you didn't know about Postpet it's a piece of software by Sony that shows you a room with a pet that delivers your e−mail. You write some e−mail and give it to your Postpet to deliver, you post pet leaves the room with the mail and carries it to your friend's computer (also running Postpet) where he appears in their Postpet's room, hands over the mail and maybe has a conversation with your friend's postpet and learns things about your friend that you friend as confided in him. When you pet is out you can use the Robot Postman to instantly deliver e−mail to other people.

This software has been out of a couple of years now and there's even an e−mail cell phone connecting color PDA that exclusively runs the Postpet software.

Anyway, last week I saw this. Zom-Mail. A similar concept except with Zombies. I don't know all the details but it looks like there's more to it than Postpet. I wonder if you can get your Zombies to fight! 😃

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