Zankou Chicken


This is a small chain and originally from LA.  There are about 7 of them so far.  They are Armenian and they make some super delicious chicken (and other stuff).  My favorite item there is the Chicken Shawarma (sp?).  If you've ever been to a Greek fast food place and seen the big cone of lamb or beef rotating on a machine and cooking slowly from which they cut off the edges to make gyro sandwiches out of, well Chicken Shawarma is made on the same kind of machine.  Stacks and stacks of chicken are piled on the machine along with some stuff at the top that melts and drips all over it as it cooks.

If you order the dinner you'll get hummus, salad, pita, some other sauce, and some garlic sauce.  The garlic sauce it awesome.

Go try this place.  You will NOT regret it.  Just FYI, it's a fast food kind of place.  That it's to say, cheap, no reservations, you order at the counter.  Yuuuuumy!

The two I've been to are:

O.C.: Anaheim, On Ball Road between Magnolia and Gilbert (just 10 minutes West of Disneyland). There's lots of parking at this one.

L.A: Hollywood, On Sunset and Normandie. There's almost no parking at this one though so far I've been lucky and always gotten a space.  There is often a line at this one.

Yaohan (now Mitsuwa)
Zen Grill