Yokohama Ramen


My friend Yuki and her family live in Kanagawa prefecture, the prefecture Yokohama is in, and they often take me to Yokohama Ramen!

They actually call it Hamara.  The Japanese love to shorten names or maybe conversely, they don't like long names so they shorten everything.  Yokohama Ramen becomes Hamara.  Personal Computer becomes Pasocon.  Remote Control becomes Remocon.  Convience Store becomes Conbini.  First Kitchen, a fast food place, becomes Faking

Yokohama Ramen is actually quite a big chain it seems.  They have stores all over Kanagawa prefecture.  I'm not actually sure which one they take me to but it's next to an arcade and we all go over there and win stuff from the UFO catcher machines before we go eat ramen.

They have quite a few different kinds and the one we go to is rather large.  Two counters and even several booths.

If you are in Kanagawa or living there go check them out.