Xi'an Toshoumen


Good casual Chinese food in Daikanyama.

My friend Yuki took me to this place.  They are a small chain who's specialty is a kind of noodle made by taking a big slab of noodle dough and slicing little strips of it off with a knife.

On top of that they have a fairly large selection of non noodle dishes too.

We ordered some shurompa(sp??) which are kind of like a gyoza/pot sticker except they are around, the skin is thicker and it's been pressed tight so that the juices from the meat stay inside.

According to Yuki you are supposed to put it in your spoon, that a small bite out of the skin and suck the juice out first, then eat the rest of it.  How ever you eat it these ones were really good.

About every 10 or 15 minutes the chef would start making more noodles.  He'd hold the dough and whap, whap, whap the noodles would fly across the room into the pot a few feet away.  If you look closely at the picture above you can see the noodle in mid air just below the hand of the guy on the right.

We ordered some tantanmen using those noodles which was excellent!

On a week night they don't seem to be two crowded.  Give it a try.

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