Why is coffee free?


Why is it that at most companies there is a coffee machine and you get to drink the coffee for free? What's the average cost of a cup of coffee? Since I'm not a coffee drinker where's my free drinks? No, water doesn't count.

I don't really care about this I just noticed the coffee machine today and the idea popped in my head. No big deal.

Still, did you know that Microsoft provides free drinks to all of their employees. Free sodas, free coffee, free juice, free snapple. It makes you wonder why smaller companies are so stingy. It doesn't add up to all that much money per person compaired to the money you are already spending on them and it's got to be good for moral. On the other hand, you have the opposite problem. Asshole employee's. When I was at Crystal Dyanimcs they offered free drinks. They just had cases of sodas, snapple etc. Well, a few times I saw employees go over there, grab 6 to 12 cans and take them home. I think it may have started innocently. They were having a small party, all the people coming were from the company so what's the difference in a way but it's abuse like that that gets these kinds of programs taken away. 😞

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