What's up with the small backpacks?


Remember in the mid to late 90s when small backpacks were all the rage for women? Well, now they are all the rage for men in Japan apparently.

Honestly I don't know how popular they are but shopping around Tokyo in 2012 every men's store seemed to have tons of them. The crazy thing to me is they seemed too small to be all that useful. I suppose you could put a Nexus 7, Kindle or iPad Mini inside but you can't carry much else. What do they put in them? Point and Shoot camera? A single novel? I'm sure some Japanese men's magazine would spell this all out for me but I didn't have time to check.

Anyway here's a few examples.

I didn't actually notice that many around town but then again I'm not usually looking at the men when there's so much other eye candy to watch 😃

Some of them were fairly expensive. $200. Hmm, I guess compared to a Prada bag that's cheap. Then again, I didn't visit the Prada store in Japan to see how crazy expensive their's are.

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