What's wrong with me?


Why is it I'm having such a hard time getting interested in any women? Is something wrong with me? Have I been alone too long?

Right now there are about 10 women I have a *slight* interest in. Some of those women have an interest in me. Some probably don't. Some I don't know yet. The problem is, so far, I'm not interested in any one of them enough to pursue them, chase them, whatever you want to call it.

Is it that they actually are not a good match? That could be but it's really frustrating to have these opportunities and not know if it's that or I'm just to stupid to make a move.

Is it that I need more time? I've only had 4 girlfriends so far and I knew all of them for 6 months before I felt like chasing any of them. Does that mean I'm doomed to be single (how many times does one get to hangout with a woman for 6 months as a friend except maybe at work)

I suppose there's 2 women at school I've known for almost 6 months but neither of them are on my list. 😞

Also, honestly, I've never chased a woman. Well, maybe I pursued a one in high school but after that it's either been the woman that's made the first move or just from being friends for so long it became clear there was mutual interest so it was easy.

I don't think I'd have a problem making the first move except that in order to actually do it I'd have to feel like "she's the one" and I can't know that until after I've known her for a while. Other wise if I make a move then I feel like I'm saying to her, "hey, I think you're the one" when I'll I'm really saying is "At this exact moment in time I find you attractive and after 5 minutes of talking to you I might want to run away screaming".

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