What's an Echidna anyway?


Pronounced e-kid-na. An echidna is a spiny anteater found in and around Australia. Here's a picture.

They have some at the Los Angeles Zoo. They're very cute in person. They kind of waddle when they walk.

Several years ago, some friends of mine and I started a company. After 3 days of trying to come up with a name we finally settled on "Echidna." The biggest reason being that we liked the logo John had drawn for it. It was something like this.

Since that time I started using Echidna as my callsign or alias on the net. It hasn't been a very good one because most people don't know what it is or how to pronounce it. They say things like e-chid-na or enchilada. This is been the source of much laughter for my friends.

Anyway, I need a new callsign. Got any ideas?  😊





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